Premier Frame Builders

We’ve spent years cultivating our relationships with the following frame builders, who we firmly believe will put a smile on your face every time you throw a leg over the machines that bear their names!

K.Bedford Customs

“In the winter of 1986, while living and working in my home state of Florida, I was contacted by a friend and former co-worker about a possible job opportunity at Serotta Bicycles. I was very excited about this prospect because it was the best way to pursue frame building as my full time career.

In February of 1987 I moved my family to Saratoga Springs, NY and worked at Serotta until December, 2008. After 21+ years at Serotta it was time to once again to build fine frames under my own name.

The cumulative knowledge I gained during my many years at Serotta has been invaluable in pursuing my passion of frame building under the K. Bedford banner.” – Kelly Bedford

Parlee Cycles

“Parlee was founded a decade ago with a simple but lofty goal: To build the world’s best performing race bikes. At the time, carbon fiber was overlooked in the road bike market. But based on what I had learned during 20 years in the boat building business, it was obvious that composites could redefine the cycling world.

The combination of properly sized tubes, accurate lay-up schedules, and proper molding techniques, make carbon fiber the ideal material for creating fast, light and comfortable performance bikes.” – Bob Parlee

Fabrica Cycles

“FABRICA CYCLES are hand-crafted bicycle frames, built by the creative Italian duo Francesco Barbieri and Paolo Paciucci in the heart of the design center, Milan. Each frame is thought and built to meet the highest technical standards and every customer’s need. Keeping quality at the heart of their work while evolving and developing new techniques with every bike built, the duo expands their creative efforts getting as much out of every project as their customer.”